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Related Arts Electives
  • Art – The visual art elective at Alder and Fernwood encourages students to express their creativity and gain a foundation in traditional art forms. Students will gain experience and learn skills in drawing, painting, perspective, as well as learn to create and critique 2-D/ 3-D art forms.  Students will begin to experience the basic concepts of digital art and animation. 

  • Band – The band programs at Alder and Fernwood Middle School provide opportunities such as Advanced Wind Ensemble,  Symphony Orchestra, and Drumline to all students who have at least one year of experience on a wind, brass or percussion instrument. The wind ensemble and concert bands perform throughout the region and compete at local universities and also at the annual New York City Broadway competition.  Rehearsals are 2 to 3 times a month and accommodations can be made for those musicians who are also athletes.

  • Chorus and Introduction to Musical Theater - This hybrid course gives students the opportunity to sing in our award-winning Fernwood and Alder Choirs, while also learning and demonstrating the principles of musical theater.  Participants will learn and perform musical excerpts and scenes from Broadway and movie musicals as well as learning how to prepare an audition. In addition to  performing in a choral setting for seasonal concerts, students will be given the opportunity to audition for the Show Choir and/or Select Choirs!

  • Media Studies – This elective takes on all new challenges and creativity in 7th and 8th grade.  Grade 7 Media focuses on developing and creating short film projects including Foley art, sports commentary, interview skills, social media projects, and more. It helps enhance the skills that you learned in 6th grade in order to give you an overall experience in the communications field.  Grade 8 is more focused on the film world. You will be diving into movies by watching, researching, and finally creating your own! It is a one-stop shop for fun! It also gives you all the tools and experience you need in order to be successful at the high school level. Get creative with us and join Media Studies!

  • Orchestra – The Fernwood and Alder string programs are open to those who have had at least one year of experience on the violin, viola cello, or bass. Members of our middle school orchestra programs have the opportunity to perform in the only middle school Symphony Orchestra in the region.  In addition those advanced orchestra students have the opportunity to attend competitions at local universities and New York City.  Orchestra meets 3 to 4 times a month after school and accommodations can be made for those athletes who are also orchestral musicians.

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